Necessity, the Mother of Invention

My mom was all about necessity. She had all those kids of course so she had to be both clever and crazy which would explain some things about me. But the older i get the more I realize that some of those crazy things were really quite clever after all. For instance:

  • Using the kitchen scissors for just about everything – my favorite is cooking. She would cut pizza, produce, meat of course, fruit, herbs and veggies. I’ve taken after her with this one. My sister in law recently asked me if my niece had seen me at work with my scissors because now she’s using the kitchen scissors for all sorts of things as well. *Note to self- wash them often!
  • Tethering the youngest kid to the largest tree in the yard – I used to think that harness was a bit barbaric, even at age 8, but that child was the one that ran in front of the truck on the road by our home. And then all those years later when I was a young mom, guess what they were marketing to keep track of your kids?
  • Working at night so she didn’t have to pay for babysitters – OK, she was pretty chronically tired which isn’t good for your body, your mind, or your spirit, but I’m sure it saved her a bundle of money and she often said the night shift, where she was an RN, paid more and there were always openings no matter where we lived.
  • Driving a station wagon all her adult life so she never had to pay to have anything hauled around – well she also had a lot of boys in the family to help so moving furniture happened a lot as well
  • Moving across the street from both a city park and a private swimming pool – when you have 9 kids, you don’t let a house like that slip by you, right. There was always something for all those kids to do and usually playmates within our sight as well.
  • If it’s washable, it can go in either the dishwasher or the washing machine- toothbrushes, scissors, sponges, contact cases, pacifiers, combs. The sky’s the limit!

Mothers of old were terribly clever and I’d love to hear some of the things I’ve forgotten that your mentors modeled for you 🙂


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