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Is This Really What We Want?

UnknownThe US seems to be having a will power crisis. Those in power are running amok, and the people seem to have lost their will to do anything about the situation. We have elections coming up soon so we will hear a boat load of screaming and shouting about what is wrong and how useless and ineffective and blah blah blah. But we won’t hear much about workable plans for change. We can examine the records of most of these people and notice they did almost none of what they promised yet they still went home with paychecks 52 weeks of the year.

But what about our will people? What’s become of self-determination? The strength of character to walk onto a boat when you don’t know what’s on the other side of the ocean. The courage to climb into a covered wagon and ride for months through known dangers to reach a better place. The guts to put your life in danger to stand up to white supremacists. This is our 1collective past – our ancestors found the will to leap into the abyss which created better lives for us. Are we different from them? Are we no longer willing to take to the streets to demand change? Surely the majority of us realize our leaders aren’t paying as much attention to what we want but far more attention to what they want. Don’t we all wish we could make six figures doing what we want while telling the people who pay our salaries what they want to hear!! Wowza!

We have to create a collective vision and demand change rather than waiting for elected officials to do this for us – the few good ones we have are inundated with the many more that are worse than worthless. We can only do this if we successfully build stronger tribes of like-minded people. We are all waiting for ‘the shift’ with many young people even claiming to ‘have awakened’. Well what the heck, you have to be dead to not see that something will change!! So what? I’ve been listening to people like that for the last 30 years. We need really clever people to lead us there- is that you? Your mind is clever but we require more. Do you have what it takes to do the work, every day, to affect the change that needs to happen? As Gandhi said l “be the change you wish to see in the world”? Sometimes it’s easier than other times.

Is this is simply a problem looking for a solution? Are we approaching this like we would any other difficulty in our lives – a broken motor, or ‘whats for dinner’? Have we applied all of the skills learned from thinking outside the box to remedy this? Are we making the most of our leadership skills? Have we been beaten down to the point of inability? Can we pull ourselves back upright, use all of our charisma, passion, intelligence, persistence, leadership, and creative problem solving to remedy what we see that isn’t working in our world to affect positive change?

Or is it, as Paul Levy asserts in his book Dispelling Wetiko, group psychosis?

There is a contagious psychospiritual disease of the soul, a parasite of the mind, that is currently being acted out en masse on the world stage via a collective psychosis of titanic proportions. This mind-virus─which Native Americans have called “wetiko”─covertly operates through the unconscious blind spots in the human psyche, rendering people oblivious to their own madness and compelling them to act against their own best interests. An inner cancer of the soul, wetiko flavors and manages our perceptions by stealth and subterfuge so as to act itself out through us while simultaneously hiding itself from being seen. Not constrained by the conventional laws of third-dimensional space and time, this ‘bug’ in the system deceives us by working with the intrinsic projective tendencies of our mind so as to appear external to and other than ourselves, utilizing the seemingly outside world as the canvas for its full-bodied revelation of itself. Wetiko nonlocally in-forms, gives shape to and configures events in the world so as to synchronistically express itself, which is to say that just like in a dream, events in the outer world are symbolically reflecting a condition deep within the psyche of humanity. Drawing on insights from Jungian psychology, shamanism, alchemy, spiritual wisdom traditions, and personal experience, author Paul Levy shows us that hidden within the venom of wetiko is a revelation as well as its own antidote, which once recognized can help us wake up and bring sanity back to our society. How wetiko manifests─will it destroy our species, or will it catalyze a deeper process of global awakening?─depends upon recognizing what it is revealing to us about ourselves.

Are we really satisfied with what we’ve settled for? In this world of ‘being grateful for what we do have’, we’ve mistakenly forgotten what we don’t have and that it’s OK to identify what isn’t working and strive for change. Can we do more than sit here, day after day while ignoring the enormous mountain of problems we face in the world?

Necessity, the Mother of Invention

My mom was all about necessity. She had all those kids of course so she had to be both clever and crazy which would explain some things about me. But the older i get the more I realize that some of those crazy things were really quite clever after all. For instance:

  • Using the kitchen scissors for just about everything – my favorite is cooking. She would cut pizza, produce, meat of course, fruit, herbs and veggies. I’ve taken after her with this one. My sister in law recently asked me if my niece had seen me at work with my scissors because now she’s using the kitchen scissors for all sorts of things as well. *Note to self- wash them often!
  • Tethering the youngest kid to the largest tree in the yard – I used to think that harness was a bit barbaric, even at age 8, but that child was the one that ran in front of the truck on the road by our home. And then all those years later when I was a young mom, guess what they were marketing to keep track of your kids?
  • Working at night so she didn’t have to pay for babysitters – OK, she was pretty chronically tired which isn’t good for your body, your mind, or your spirit, but I’m sure it saved her a bundle of money and she often said the night shift, where she was an RN, paid more and there were always openings no matter where we lived.
  • Driving a station wagon all her adult life so she never had to pay to have anything hauled around – well she also had a lot of boys in the family to help so moving furniture happened a lot as well
  • Moving across the street from both a city park and a private swimming pool – when you have 9 kids, you don’t let a house like that slip by you, right. There was always something for all those kids to do and usually playmates within our sight as well.
  • If it’s washable, it can go in either the dishwasher or the washing machine- toothbrushes, scissors, sponges, contact cases, pacifiers, combs. The sky’s the limit!

Mothers of old were terribly clever and I’d love to hear some of the things I’ve forgotten that your mentors modeled for you 🙂


Manifesting Your Destiny One Day At A Time

imagesI didn’t always think it possible that a simple human like myself could determine the outcome of an experience or even influence events. But I learned, over time, that by practicing and being mindful, I really could. So I began with some small stuff – programming parking spaces for instance. When approaching a congested area that I’ll be expected to park, I quickly call on my ability to create a place for me and most of the time, the empty space is there waiting for me. I will warn you however that you must be crystal clear in what you ask for in this incarnation because the universe doesn’t discern between the good and the bad. I have a quote by some wise Buddhist on the side of my fridge that reads “It is how we see each moment that determines whether it’s a moment of suffering or a moment of freedom”. In other words, all experiences are neutral until we decide which category they belong in. Pretty great stuff right?

When I was young enough to look good in a swimsuit, I set a goal with my new husband that we would take a year sabbatical in 10 years to make up for no honeymoon. I had been practicing my goal setting for some time by then and was becoming confident. I would decide what I wanted, work diligently toward that goal, and was successfully manifesting a wonderful life. But in this case, I’d become a bit lazy and inattentive. I failed to realize that, according to the rules of the universe, time off is time off. Long story short, my then husband lost his only large client 10 years later and was out of work for one full year.

So back to manifesting, I first heard this was possible when it was suggested that you begin each morning by ‘programming your day’. Of course I was skeptical but the results sounded incredible so I went about giving it a try. I was already spending time each morning in a meditative pose – no clue how much meditating was actually happening – but I had a designated time and place to begin this exercise. Soon I realized that it wasn’t like walking on water. My life began to shift and of course, so did my interest in the power of the mind.

There are some caveats with all of this (you knew they were coming, right?) and since I’m not trying to get everyone on the planet to buy my book, I didn’t title this post Seven Things You Need To Manifest Your Destiny as the blog gurus suggest. However it’s still important

  •  to have some sort of regular meditative practice because this requires peace, focus,  & clarity
  • to be specific (see paragraph 2 above)
  • your intention needs to harm no one
  • to sow your seeds in the fertile soil of gratitude
  • to have the faith that you are capable, worthy, and deserving
  • to understand this is a gift and to use it wisely
  • to understand that the more passion, commitment, and energy you expend toward your goals, the better

Clarity is an elusive goal in this crazy world and it requires work and patience. No one promised that you could have it all AND it was going to be easy. So spending some time on the cushion clearing the mind is a great way to be clear and specific about you intentions. Being grateful for the life you’ve been given, whatever it currently looks like and to those that gave you a leg up to where you are today will help you use your gifts wisely. And then there’s the work, whatever that means to you, that will make the outcome all the more wonderful.