Welcome to our group! As with most things in life, staying healthy and being well is a process best undertaken with the help of community. Humans are social creatures and most of us like to engage with others often. According to biologist E. O. Wilson “humans, like ants, need a tribe…an alliance with which to jockey for power and territory, to demonize the enemy, to organize rallies and raise flags.” (Newsweek 4/2/12) So to state that we are stronger together isn’t a new idea. When it comes to making changes in life, healing what hurts, and striving for our highest ideals, a group (consortium) is pretty powerful. Read the blog 

Give this some thought within your own life. Whether it’s completing a commitment, getting through school, raising kids, enduring a difficult boss, getting to the airport on time, etc, etc, we often can use a leg up for a successful outcome. The same holds true for making healthy changes in life, completing stated goals, or sticking to our professed goals, community is critical in my opinion.

A few years ago, my husband decided (at my urging) that after years of lifting weights and running on his own that he would try some group classes at our gym. Because of his virtual job, I thought a community of other fitness enthusiasts would be a good change for him. Now, 6 years later, he is as devoted to these classes as a mother bear, unwilling to let his peeps down by not showing up unless he is out-of-town or an emergency.

So I started this blog, healing consortium, because I feel everyone needs a wellness community to hold themselves accountable. Their motivation helps when ours is waning. They hold us accountable when we are doubting ourselves. They support our journey and help us push through our weaker moments. Collectively, our wisdom together is always stronger than we are individually. We’re in this together!!