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The Grounded Lifestyle

We’ve all been there, whether it’s part of your cycle, the weather, the family, or just overwhelm. It’s difficult to focus, you lose everything not physically attached to your body, your eating patterns are disrupted….life just isn’t bouncing along the way you want it to. And, unfair as it is, some constitutions find it far easier than others to remain focused and grounded. Others are thrown off by windy weather, changing seasons, missed meals, and erratic schedules. Reviewing this with some wise women the other day, I was reminded how easy it is to forget and how important it is for all of us to remember:

  • take time each morning for seated or walking meditation, prayer, or reflection
  • lying or sitting close to the earth for a short time is always optimal
  • eat legumes, unprocessed grain, meat and root vegetables
  • listen more than you speak
  • walking, especially in a pine forest or amongst trees
  • maintain a regular routine of eating, yoga chi gong or tai chi, and sleeping
  • go to bed by 10pm each night and awaken with the sun
  • limit use of electronics, especially after dinner
  • practice mindfulness
  • keep emotions in check – avoid doubt, fear, resentment, and anger
  • avoid prescription and recreational drugs and alcohol
  • get regular massage and bodywork
  • practice mindfulness as a walking meditation, in the garden, cleaning house
  • surround yourself with masters – in person, podcasts, or recordings
  • practice compassionate loving kindness
  • take inventory and make changes if necessary
  • find a way to be of service on a regular basis
  • develop a daily ritual of caring for yourself
  • make friends with your spirit guides and ask for help when you need it
  • maintain a creative outlet – whatever flips your switch

This isn’t a definitive list, just someplace to start the conversation with yourself. There are probably many other techniques – feel free to share yours.